My first time with any form of “actual” nudity was hanging out at my

grandparents’ house wearing only on a weekend when the only clothes we brought along were being washed. My brother and I were goofing around and sitting on the front staircase of their fairly large house (a Ohio farmhouse with many add-ons over an equal variety of years), and I certainly remember seeing how “cool” it felt when the wind blew under my towel.

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Hmmm, what is this odd and amazing sensation? My parents were both still conscious and I joined them by returning to sitting in a rocking chair we’d at the time.
All of these early encounters led up to a want to being MORE naked, more commonly in more manners; manners I had just barely begun to imagine. So, in my middle teens I purchased some trade paperbacks on nudism from a wholesale book publisher and these really and actually enlarged my understanding of the potentials for going naked socially!!! Before I even attempted it I had this idea that I would “love” it more than anything else I had done in life, and that this new found preconception would take me past any type of bookings or nervousness I might have about undressing.
The grinning people of all ages in my novels seemed so honest and happy that I really questioned what I was missing out on for a long time! My entire life up to then judging by the ages of the youngest children in these photographs, and I felt like this was a part of life being actively “hidden” from ! I actually don’t think a short skinny-dip with my brother and a friend really counted, although it was fun and we also did some nude experimentation in sleeping over at the buddy’s house on weekends; nothing more than curious exploration of possibilities for NOT wearing garments.
White Tail Park (then, “Resort” now) was my first organized social intro and it couldn’t have been a better time! It was an encounter equalling my readings, imagination and expectations and so I was lucky for such a great intro.

Ah, nudists! Over the years I’ve grown to really enjoy nudists and nudist

hangouts in general. Now, as a young kids, closer to infancy, I recall we always made like Tommy from the Rugrats and constantly stripped our clothes off. Our parents ran around the home attempting to pick up the articles of clothing as we ran by them, tossing off something else. (Eventually they recorded all our clothes on with duct tape and then further fixed us to our high chair with said tape. Your parents did not tape you? Oh, well then I might’ve just been one of the lucky ones. Oh I jest, calm down) As a
child, I needed to go through my parents divorce, then the difficult conclusion of attempting to figure out who to live with. In the beginning, I resided with my mom for a couple years. I still recall all the different roommates we had living with us gay, straight, male or female, people from many walks of life. Well, not that you have to “practice being naked” since we all are under our clothes anyhow, but people who favor that lifestyle do tend to shed those outer garments a lot! To his credit, instead of simply being naked constantly, he always made sure that it would be ok with the rest of the roommates including my mother, my sister and I, before he appeared undressed, so that everyone in the house wouldnt be too worried when he was “practicing his lifestyle.” Of course as a young girl, the sight of a naked man running across the house can be something of a giggle, but because of how I ‘d been brought up, I wasnt bothered by it. as soon as I wanted to have non-nudist friends over, I would make sure to inform him so beforehand and he would instantly go throw on a pair of shorts with no complaint. So the system we had in the household worked just fine.
My mother was very openly enthused about nudity also, in addition to all those other taboo subjects that come up awkwardly when youre a teenager when discussing with your parents. To her credit, instead of waiting until my sister and I reached our teenager years, she made sure that we understood about different things that go on in other peoples houses, behind closed doors, and even in our dwelling not that being naked was a huge thing. ( I don’t have any doubt if our President and his staff ran around naked, the countrys reaction would be one of complete approval!)] Social nudity outdoors with several hundred other people just wasnt her thing.
It was, nevertheless, Georges thing, and he belonged to a local nudist resort and spent most weekends there. I recall asking him about the place and he always answered enthusiastically about it as being nice and also a fun area, but I wasnt quite ready yet. He made a standing invitation for my mom, my sister and I to go whenever we decided it was time, however he would not do so without my mothers written permission and with everyone’s complete knowledge of what the behavior rules were there. Eventually, maybe a year after, my mother and sister did go with him, and loved the experience very much. But by then I had moved out and lived with my dad and stepmom and was being raised in a fairly sheltered, religious sort of manner. This entire nudist matter didnt seem sinful, but modesty was drilled into my head, so I was less open to the idea of being naked around other people until a couple of years later.
Then came the “Great Rebellion of Age Fourteen,” and one day while hanging out at my moms house I eventually got the nerve to ask George if I really could go with him to this nudist resort and see what all the fuss was about. We both made sure it was fine with my mom, and it was, so off we went to the nudist park! Being the shy, awkward kid I was, I did not run around chucking my clothes right away. Instead, I believe the first couple of times I fixed myself in the pool and rarely left it, except possibly to play a game of badminton. (Yes,I played badminton as a child. You did not? Oh yes, so back to naked badminton…) It wasnt that I was uncomfortable in the area, because everyone was extremely nice and encouraging. I assume I played badminton to stop from staring at individuals. It is hard not to stare at fifty or so people lounging about like lizards in the sun without a shred of clothes on. Particularly when you are fourteen. Naturally, when you’re fourteen, you additionally thank the gods for your youth and taut skin. One thing I know I can thank the nudists for were their bashes.
It is uncanny how many parties they throw. There must be something in between!” Then they realize there is Election Day (which is not really something to celebrate these days), Veteran’s Day, and Eid Al-Fitr (for all you fasting nudists out therethough they are tough to locate).
On one such vacation, I can not recall which, they had one really talented member of the resort staff doing body painting on anyone who was interested. Now, in case you’ve never had a paintbrush dragged across your buttocks, well let me tell you, it tickles! I decided to get up enough nerve to possess the gentleman paint a dragon from my shoulder to simply under my rear. It seemed lovely, really! Everyone was telling me how amazing it appeared, on me and just in general. I believe even a German television crew was there filming the festivities.

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Those Germans, they will put anything on television – even a lot of ol’ nude folks. But so I pranced around all day, displaying my backside to every adoring onlooker. Later, much of young family nudists shyness dissipated after that day.
After that I made many return visits and then I started looking forward to it practically every weekend, as I had made many friends there of all ages, and appreciated being able to simply lounge about in the sun. I enjoyed it so much, after a couple of years I quietly began telling some of my buddies about it. To my surprise many were interested themselves, and eventually I brought to the resort a girl friend from high school. Later the same year I brought there my boyfriend in the time (even though nudism xxx proved to be a whole lot more religiously repressed than I ever was.) And still later that summer, I brought an Internet friend from Ohio while he visited to share his first day of social nudity with our club members. During the next few years, I invited quite a few friends to join me in the resort, and all of them wound up having a terrific experience! As it is possible to see, this lifestyle is something that now I really enjoy sharing with people I know. As a young woman, I’ve finally moved out on my own, and I enjoy running around my own house naked whenever I get the opportunity (and at my mothers house whenever I return to visit.) I am now proud to say I’m a Nudist (with a capital “N”), and I have my mother and her roommate George to thank for it, those many years back.
That all being said, I believe I have some sunning to do. It is a quite lovely day and I’ve a great balcony that is calling to me.

(Black’s Beach) I was alone, and as a guy, was

a little concerned about appearing like a perv and not desiring to be gawked at by gay men. So I chose a spot on the seashore seemed relatively safe. Not completely isolated, but not near anyone. Well, after I worked up the nerve to shed my clothes, it felt fantastic. Particularly when I went in the water.

So as my nervousness was subsiding, I only had fun swimming and enjoying the water. After several minutes I realized there were two bare young women nearby, who came to the water after me.

We continue releasing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time
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(Mainly I understood this because suddenly there were 5 or 6 guys flocking the region also. What the heck?!) I was a bit annoyed, feeling like I was really going to be lumped in with these other losers following the girls, though I was actually there first. Well, just as I was starting to depart , I recognized the girls had a waterproof camera. So I decided to say something rather than merely walk away uncomfortable. I behaved like I was a bit shocked and annoyed that they had a camera there. Then walked over to them reached my hand out and suggested that I really could shoot a picture of the two of those. (Keep in your mind this is my FIRST time at a nude beach. I’m very conservative and have never even been naked with my girlfriend. Can you say NERVOUS?! But I simply attempted to conceal it.)

Well, the long story short, they laughed and I want to take their picture; and we stayed there and had fun in the water together for probably another 15 minutes. Afterwards I worked up even more nerve, an went over to them on the shore with my camera and asked them if we could all take a picture together… which we did.

What ! I have gone from being frightened to take a shower in the men’s locker room at the gymnasium, to being comfortable in my own skin around almost anyone, including those two young, attractive girls.

I went to Gunnison Beach last weekend and had a wonderful time meeting other people. Men, women, and couples. I still don’t believe I am prepared to go au naturale with folks I know, but this is definitely a liberating experience that I intend to continue enjoying.

I recall as an early teen visiting the creek close to where I was.

living and wading in the creek with only shorts and shoes on. This happened regularly during the summer before the creek would dry up. After that on occassion I’d strip and enjoy wading and swimming in the creek.

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Didn’t do much in my later teenage years. I still loved being naked and slept bare some of the time, but not considerably outside nudism.
I do recall when I was about 20 going with a friend on a road trip. We ended up going skinny dipping and then hanging out around the fire nude. Was a really enjoyable experience.
I had a couple showers during this trip only standing outside in sunlight and pouring the warm water over me and then letting the sun dry me off. It was excellent. After this, when I went for hikes in the mountains and was alone, I ‘d strip down and do some freehiking.
My transfomation to social nudity was going to hot springs when I had a opportunity. At first I constantly wore a swim suit and also would remove it when I was alone. The time in the hot springs bare was much fine than having to wear a swimsuit. Once a woman came to the spring and I had put my swim suit back on when I saw her coming along the trail. But she came up and we spoke for just a little bit. She went behind a rock to modify into her swimsuit, but did not try to actually conceal well. I could readily tell what she was doing. But she came back and we spoke for awhile and she brought up the very fact that it was good if I wanted to be clothing optional in the springtime. I think she had seen me sitting t here nude before I had detected her. So I removed my swimsuit to try it out and to see what it would be like to be naked in mixed company and I thought she wanted to remove her swim suit.
But she never did take off her suit in the springtime. But I was quite comfy being bare even with her not that manner. When she got out to leave, she did not trouble to go behing the stone to shift, but simply put on her clothing next to the spring. So it was quite a non-sexually charged encounter and my beginning to enjoying social nudism. Had many more times of love a bare soak in a hot spring in mixed company and much prefer that over wearing swimsuits.
Now if I could just get the wife to be somewhat more at ease with this, we could really have some great excursions when we travel. She is slowly joining at times, but for the most part does not need to be nude around other people. But she has gotton to the point of being bare considerably more than she used to around the home and even if we are alone at a beach or boating. She may not completely join me being nude, but does go topless sometimes and doesn’t think I ‘m odd for enjoying being nude like at first. She felt that only perverts would enjoy being bare, but now she can understand why it isn’t a sexual or a perverted thing. I’m looking forward to some warm weather again and also an opportunity to be outdoors in the nude.

I was sitting out by my pool soaking up sunlight.

My pool is pretty private. I opened and outside my display enclosure was the wife of my lawn man.

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It turned out to be a hot sunny day. I was setting there bare and she was standing there hot and sweaty. In a flash she entered the pool area and stripped off her clothing. have an outdoor shower. She rinsed off and then jumped into the pool. I was surprised and happy that there wasn’t going to be an issue. I offered a cold drink and we had a nice visit. She thanked me for letting her cool off and then got dressed and continued to complete her work on the lawn. It turned out that she and her husband were nudist and later invited me to join them on their boat for a naked day on the water.

Being More People Positive and Fat Shaming Dilemmas

FKK Educational Bit About Fat Shaming And Being People Favorable:
But before you read it, I want to only make a couple of points very clear
The FKK individuals favorable outlook is one of acceptance. Do we see people who are overweight or I believe the most awkward one occurred shortly after we were married. ? Yes. But it isn’t our place to judge these folks. Firstly, every person differs, and everyone has health issues.

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We don’t understand this history, we also have no idea what this person is doing in order to live a healthy life.
By bound to judgement, folks assume they understand what that man continues to be through and what physical dilemmas they are compelled to cope with. Additionally, the health of a man cannot be measured in pounds or inches.
Folks Positive Fat Shaming
The USA is, for the most part, a free state. Folks have the right to select the way to lead their lives, and if they are happy then they’re doing a great job. So that you can see the individual for who they are, folks have to look past the external appearances and see the person for who they actually are.
Susceptibility to other individuals is an important focus of the people favorable approach we take at FKK. We do not believe that offering guidance on sensitive or personal issues unless an individual asks for an opinion. But if asked, we believe in telling that individual exactly what you think.
We all desire to feel accepted – it’s human nature. One negative comment (even with fair good intentions at heart) could have a long lasting profound effect on someone’s body image and general head. I mention general head because I want to be clear that our people favorable outlook does not start and / or end with body image and weight.
The people favorable ideal applies to many different facets of life and individual interaction. Bullying is an excellent example of conduct that cannot and shouldn’t be taken. Intimidation will not need certainly to mean physically assaulting someone and causing physical harm. A opinion could make scars that last a lifetime and this really is something we usually do not approve of and honestly tend not to stand.
Sometimes people might unknowingly say things or behave in methods could have negative repercussions. In such situations we anticipate those people to express some kind of sincere remorse (notably since the the comments were not intended to be hurtful). Saying sorry is in no way a show of weakness; if anything, it is a show of moral and ethical prominence.
Realizing our actions affect others is the first step to becoming a folks favorable and cultured society.
We shared a connection to Our first time was at Grand Lido Braco in Jamaica. My wife finally consented to give , “Body Language”
Brian Anthony Kraemer: I don’t think that is amazing. If I found a bluebird or a butterfly or a squirrel or every other species of creature that corpulent I wouldn’t believe it was amazing either. That woman needs to get on an all plants-based diet (vegan) and keep up her walking along the shoreline.
“Mr.Y” Replies:
Felicity Jones Comments: Brian, among the cornerstones of the FKK value system is that it’s not our place to judge what somebody looks like, no matter how large or small they might be. Comments like yours can go a long way as much as hurting that person’s self-esteem and self-image. Honestly, such comments are downright unacceptable. Stephen additionally makes a great point.
Studies have shown that many overweight people do not eat any differently from slim people, and size is often not an exact measure of how healthy a person is. (You could be a thin man who eats only junk food & never exercises!) You do not understand this woman, her background, her genes, her diet or exercise regimen, so do not presume to understand what is best for her health and wellbeing.
“Mr.Z” Opinions: I agree with Nudist Portal but I’ll say that it’s challenging to discover the balance between fighting obesity/encouraging a healthy weight and additionally not judging people. I might never say anything to offend anyone, but what IS the appropriate means to encourage a healthy weight without offending obese people or boosting sex?
Felicity Responds: But other than that we should accept them. And basically only offer help or advice if they ask you for it. It is offensive to visit your own ideas of how that man should change their body or lifestyle, especially if you don’t know the person’s medical history.
To be proactive, you may also write and talk about it, bring up the dilemma, and raise consciousness. (But it ain’t easy and you have to be dedicated!) This really is a great post on this matter: ‘What’s Wrong With Fat Shaming? Fat shaming ought to be self-explanatory, but it is actually kind of tricky to’ [click here to see the entire article]
Brian Anthony Kraemer Replies: I know my words aren’t politically correct, but I don’t believe the argument that this is healthy. Give me one example of any species on the planet besides human beings who are grossly overweight and still find a way to congratulate each other on how delightful they’ve been. If the woman pictured has some form of thyroid imbalance or other rare physical problem that makes being obese a essential, then her attempts to do the best she can with what she’s got, and her attempt to overcome it, is amazing, but I will not say the obesity is amazing.
If someone’s face is horrifically marred by accident or disease, he may be inwardly beautiful, his nature, his delight and happiness and strength of character may be beautiful, but I’m not going to place a photo of his frightening appearance on Facebook and entitle it, “Some amazing pictures.”
Felicity: Brian, the point we were trying to make is about not judging another man depending on their look / size. It is *not* about whether you think it is “beautiful” or not. You’re entitled for your own opinion about the attractiveness of any piece of art, or what you consider attractive in an individual, as is everyone.
What can you think of the “people positive” outlook? Fat shaming? Maybe you have experienced Fat Shaming or almost any Body Shaming? What did you do about it?
Nudists and Naturists Blog About Body Image Blogs Young Naturists and Naturists website FKK
Tags: recognition and tolerance, body image, body shame, intimidation, fat shaming
Group: Body Image Blogs, Feminism and Women’s Problems and Human Rights, Social Activism
About the Writer (Author Profile)
Jordan Blum is a lifelong nudie and co-founder of Naturist Portal.

My feelings haven’t changed much since:

I still prefer if nudity is shared by all individuals present. I am more open-minded, yet, about fabrics accompanying their nudist buddy or S/O; if they are cool with me, I’m cool with them.

The two situations I presented, I also realize, were a bit exceptional. In the first, we were a group of bare people who had just spent the whole week-end fully bare; and here walks in a completely dressed lady!

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Which sort of broke up the nude vibe we were all loving.
The second scenario was genuinely a “chickening out” situation. My buddy, or so she said, meant to join me but totally froze up (self-consciousness kicked in). She’d no logical explanation for it; but I think it’s to do with the entire “simpler to be nude among strangers than with a friend/relative” thing. Her daughter came in the image only a while after, asking why view were not bare; her mom explained that she had chickened out.

In those situations, it didn’t bother me because those were folks who generally went nude, just not in that specific situation. One was on a chilly morning at the resort; sarongs and T-shirts everywhere except me. The way I looked at it: “I didn’t merely drive 90 miles to keep my clothes on! No way!” Another time, I was around at a friend’s house and he encouraged me to make myself comfy. Why was that distinct from my second scenario? My nudity did not change him as it had my pal. No worries; no intrusion? Then .

being relativly new to the world of nudism I ‘ve

hardly any nudist experiances so mine would probarly be my first nude experiance, although more recently I met a girls at a beach who told me her first bare experiance she was 17 years old and holidaying with family in the usa, her parents had gone sight seeing for the day and she made a decision to have a look at a few of the local shores. after heating on the island she started to make back toward the seashore after reaching the beach she made the shocking discovery that while she’d been sunbathing on the isle the tide had come in and all of her clothing running shoes and all had been required by the sea. she was stranded no clothes no towel and what made matters worse was that she had walked to the beach so she had no automobile, there was just one thing to do she would have to walk back through a busy resedential estate in broad daylight stark naked, so she did it. she said that she must have seen over 60 individuals over that to mile walk back to her flat an it was the most exhilerating experiance of her life. now thats bowels !

I’d desired for quite a long time to really go to a nude beach

and eventually made it about 7 years ago. We had been to topless beaches in Australia and I liked seeing my wife expose her breasts. Although she was reluctant in the beginning, she soon got used to it and enjoyed going topless.
I frequently have nightmares where I’m completely nude in some public place and trying to hide myself. I needed to really go to a nude beach because I thought it’d be interesting to see my wife naked in public and so we could see other nude people.
In 2001 we toured Florida and remained for a few nights in a motel in north Miami Beach. We soon learned there was a bare section of shore within walking distance so we went the next day. I thought my wife would just go so I was somewhat surprised when she ******** fully naked. I did also, and was equally surprised that I loved it. My wife was a bit shy and never left our blanket, but after a while I went for a walk, and didnt feel self-conscious.
Many of the guys were gay so that they probably didnt get a charge from taking a look at my wife, but there were many male/female couples as well. Of course I liked looking at the girls, but I think my highlight was when I made eye contact using a girl who’d been looking at me. That is great for the ego!
I simply place a photograph of me on that beach in a private album that only my EP friends can see. At the moment I have only one friend on EP; will this get me more?

Some naturist places avert lingerie or other apparel considered hot, or body painting, or body contests. Some frown on nude hugs or dancing.

Could trying so much to be less sexual than non-naturists be counterproductive? If people aren’t guilty of something, why must they showdown to prove they’re innocent?
Welcome to the USA, where on a big political scale, perception is nine tenths of truth.
In practical terms, though, overdoing the defensiveness about sex might split naturist groups from each other in addition to alienate a large section of the citizenry that only needs to behave the same with or without clothing.
I believe I Have been couped up overly long this winter. look remarkable matters especially for young people. But if things do not go to extremes, there is room for various kinds of naturism: outdoor, party, sports, spiritual, etc.; and let us not forget children of very different ages. In terms of behaving the same with or without garments, that’s the basic idea, which young kids understand better than anyone!
What would you suggest to new naturists? They won’t go into lots of doctrine merely to attempt the experience.
Fair enough. They might learn what’ I’ve been a nudist for three years now. or not in the naturist environment they plan to be in and act correctly. Or the converse: find out if there is a place or group that does things they need and avoids things they don’t.
It does not hurt to ask normally, or to read up a little about the dilemmas, and those seeking confidences should be welcomed.
How would you see naturism altering over the next few years with respect to these problems?
That’s too tough for me to answer. But one thing seems clear: because naturism is still small stuff in the bigger picture, it gets most from major events which might ben’t set up as naturist or by naturists.
Favorable legal judgements help, needless to say. Paradoxically they comprise instances in the sexual realm, such as repealing anti-sodomy laws (Texas) or letting swinger parties (Quebec), because of the bigger world’s confusion of sexual expression with nudity.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

Also valuable is approval or acquittal of girls for being topfree, which involves an equality issue even if courts haven’t substantially recognized that.
It’s about body approval, which shows up in many ways.
What about traditional naturist activities?
All the good news about naturist campgrounds, resorts, beaches, organizations, and tasks are slowly showing the American public that naturism isn’t a sexualized practice and moreover has longstanding, important ties to many positive ideas and movements in health, psychology, the natural environment, and art. Continuing to accentuate those favorable links should diminish the importance of naturism to demonstrate what it is not and free it to become what it aspires to.
Possibly naturist worries about sexuality inside their practice will decrease. Wouldn’t it be fine if they evaporated?
This discussion about nudism and sexuality was published by – Young Naturists And Nudists America FKK
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Evolvefest 2013 – Any yoga festival with a vision large enough to contain naked yoga promptly has my support. Over Labor Day weekend in 2013, for the first time naked yoga formally strike Evolvefest Yoga and Music Festival. Evolvefest been mentioned by Yahoo as “one among the top ten yoga music festivals on the planet.” It’s a terrific way for us East Coasters to save on cross country airplane fares, stay local and still create a high vibe tribe.
Isis Phoenix at Evolvefest