Several years back, when I was just starting to

investigate social nudism, I was travelling across the state for a meeting or something.

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My route took me very close to a nudist resort that I Had wanted to see. So I called ahead and arranged for a tour. I pulled off the main highway, and down the ever increasingly smaller road. I wasn’t wearing much to start with, and pulled off about half way down the small road. Finally I reached the entrance, and pulled in to a parking space in front of the office.

Since this was a nudist resort, I saw no requirement for clothing, and got out of the vehicle, and walked into the office absolutely naked. I walked in to locate the guy behind the desk was clothed, as well as the two couples in line ahead of me. view felt really NEKKID! He ended with the first couple and we smiled at each other as they departed. The guy asked if I was the one there for the tour. He said there would be someone here shortly. I was a little nervous, but no one seemed to care that I was bare.

A couple of seconds later, I heard something outside the doorway, and turned to look. In walked a family of five. Husband and wife, with their three children two boys along with a girl that were between 18 and 16. All five of them were fully nude and barefoot only like me. It made me feel a lot better. My tour guide showed up right after that, and we were gone.

It turned out to be a strange experience, but I recall it well.

I wish I really could say that I grew up in a naturist household, spending my summer holidays running round naked

in the sun. But I cant. I grew up in the East Midlands in britain in the 1970s (I was born in 1968), with a totally ordinary youth. I only ever saw my parents nude once or twice, and I dont think theyve seen me naked since I was about 10.
So, I grew up with all of the ordinary British reservations about revealing my body in public. I think that my first exposure to naturism came on vacation in the south of France with my parents when I was (I think) about 17 – my last holiday with them before I became a student and then left house. We stayed near Port Grimaud, and one day I decided to see what was on the other side of a sizable stony breakwater. Imagine my surprise once I saw a beach full of nude folks! Id like to say that I went and stripped off and joined them, but I didnt.

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Remember, this was a time when I didnt even need my parents to see me without a shirt on!
Anyway, when I was a pupil (residing at home), I picked up a copy of Health and Efficiency from a store that had it as one of its own top shelf magazines (a phrase that will without doubt be familiar to British readers, but might be less so to those from foreign. Just remember that Playboy is a top shelf magazine!). It was interesting to find a magazine full of naked photos of what came to think of as normal people doing ordinary things not models who appear to be auditioning for a gynaecological textbook. At the moment, I also begun to spend some time throughout the house nude when everyone else was out, but this was more from the illegal delight perspective. Nevertheless, my opinion started to change, and I found that I really enjoyed being nude, and envied people who were able to go on naturist holidays. I did manage a couple of days sunbathing nude in the back garden in an exceedingly rare time when my parents were on holiday and my brother was still away at school in a different town.
And that was it for many years. In 1992 or 1993, my girlfriend and I went to stay with a friend who lived in Poole, on the south shore. On the Saturday we went to their local beach for a walk, and my buddy warned us that there clearly was a nudist section. It was Studland Bay, somewhere I had learned of in H&E (which I ‘d long stopped purchasing, chiefly because I ‘d moved in with my girlfriend). So there I was, walking along Studland, encircled by nudists, but I didnt dare do anything. I mean, I used to work with my (female) friend (and did again several years after) and couldnt imagine telling her hey, Id love to strip off here. For all I know, her and her husband might have been regulars, but that wasnt going to take place!
My girlfriend and I went back to Studland on our last day as the weather was nice, and I somehow plucked up the nerve to suggest to her that we went to the nudist beach because I fancied stripping off. She was quite amazed, but agreed on the understanding that she didnt have to. I truly loved it, much to her bemusement. I even swam nude in the ocean, which was simply superb (if a little cool).
Over the next couple of years, my girlfriend indulged me and we seen Studland once or twice annually and I also stripped off once or even twice on a beach in France, but that was pretty much it. For the last 3-4 years however, we’ve been on vacation in French cottages, and weve always managed to be enough for me (and sometimes my girlfriend) to strip off by the pool. During the past year or two, I’ve been doing a series of photography classes (Im a very keen hobbyist), and the last one, in 2003, was social documentary. I fought for quite a while to think of a topic, and from somewhere deep down I came up with the idea of doing something on naturism. I hunted round the web and found a club in Marlborough (which is about 50 miles from Bristol where I now dwell) who astonishingly enough were agreeable for me to shoot some photographs and invited me to come along and see them even though I would be on my own as my girlfriend would not be joining me.
So, I somewhat nervously went to see them so they could meet me and I really could see what the photographic chances were. They were most welcoming, and I spent a thoroughly pleasant evening swimming and playing badminton in the nude.
There were some delays in receiving permission from the sports centre they use, and in the end they said no. By this time, I had been 2 or 3 times and was getting to love it. So, even though my project was killed off before I ‘d shot any graphics, the club asked me if I wanted to join, and I did. I now go along once a month or so, and love it. Theprimary problem is that the team meets on Saturday evenings, and I feel guilty about leaving my girlfriend on her own at home whenever I go. Id love for her to come as well, but she isnt assured enough at present, although she hasnt ruled out the possibility completely.
More recently, I’ve been beginning to think about making contact with one of the clubs not too far from Bristol one that’s its own land so I could possibly have someplace outdoors to see regularly.

I became a nudist in an extremely indirect manner I was planning my forthcoming summer holidays

and was trying to determine between Byron Bay and Port Stephens and was discussing the two alternatives with numerous work collegues and eventually my manager. He said he’d be holidaying in Port Stephens and was full of recommendations so I continued my research and found that Byron Bay was going to be overly high-priced and continued the conversations with my boss about Port Stephens.
He said he’d be spending the majority of his time at Samurai Beach, and that it’d good surf as well as an extremely friendly crowd. So on this information I researched Samurai Beach and found it was a legal clothing optional beach.
I eventually booked some accommodation and when I told him this I said, So, Ill be able to go to the nude beach with you and your own family, wont I.
He shut his office door and we had a long conversion about naturism, and that this was not a subject for general distribution at work. He also surprised me by inviting me and a buddy to travel with his family Samurai Beach before the summer holidays and see if naturism was for me.
After a conversation with my best friend, we agreed this was a great idea and have set a date for early November.
But my first time came a lot faster than that. Two days after my manager and I were assigned to spend two weeks working in New Caledonia and could fit in a day or two on the beach or out on an associate’s boat investigating the atolls and cays offshore from Noumea.
The day we arrived we went to the beach at Anse Vata on the border of the capital city of Noumea. I ‘d not expected to spend any time on the seashore in order that afternoon I started on the shore in a pair of gym shorts and top. After fifteen minutes, I realised that I was out of place with that quantity of clothes on as it looked every girl on the seashore was wearing no more than a thong even the 14 and 15 yo girls.
So I stripped down to just the thong I was wearing under my short pants it seemed odd wearing so little in front of my boss (he was wearing his Speedos) but he appeared to not even detect, which really made me more comfortable.
That was the Sunday and we worked solidly until the following Friday which we had off in preparation to work the weekend. As I said he had arranged for the two of us to borrow a boat and do some exploration thus at 8:30 we left from Port Moselle in a 24 foot half cabin runabout and headed for Ilt Laregnere.
When we’d cleared the marina he was down to his Speedos, and proposed that I could strip down if I needed. I told him if he wanted to go bare, I didnt mind so as we cleared the harbour and passed the last house he was naked in the wheel and I was wearing only my thong. We sailed on for an hour before we pulled up in the leeward of a beautiful white sand island inside a coral lagoon.
As my supervisor place the anchor I determined it was now or never and I slipped out of my thong. Apart from the two of us there wasn’t another soul to be seen we spent the morning snorkelling (naked), sunbaking (nude), eating (nude). I dont now why but the feeling of the water along with the sun on my body was so distinct exhilarating than it’d been a few days before when I was wearing only a little more.
Just after eleven another boat arrived and dropped four couples and six adolescent kids at the shore before the boat disappeared, presumably back to Noumea. After they had set up camp of a few umbrellas and towels on the sand, stripped off entirely – shortly followed by the teenagers. I was astounded to see teenaged boys and girls naked in front of each other, and in front of their parents, and mentioned this to my supervisor.
We then had a long conversation about naturism and how it crosses all age groups and after all I was just a few years older than these children.

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Then he proposed we should swim in and say hello and have a chat. This looked like a big step to be naked in front of strangers but he convinced me into the water and onto the shore.
After a string of Bonjours and apologies for poor French we immediately fell into conversation and were offered drinks and an invitation to stay for lunch. We bought the boat into the shallows and spent the remaining part of the day with our new buddies.
All up we spent seven hours naked that day and I believe it was one of the very enjoyable days of my life. I was very surprised by the generosity and friendliness of the people as well as family nudists pics with which the kids socialized. I discovered the youngest was 13 and the eldest 18 but t here was a continuous rapport among them. It was obvious that naturism was worth exploring.

You Meet the Nicest People When You’re Naked

I always come down to the Florida Keys in March with my wife. This year I wanted to come down in February but my wife didn’t need to be away from home that long so she let me to go by myself. Being by myself and understanding there was a clothing-optional beach nearby and it is something I ‘ve always thought about attempting but knowing my wife would not approve of my mindset, I thought, “She WOn’t ever understand so go see what is all about.”

So off I went, short pants, tee shirt, thong, and water shoes. The thong was my out if I couldn’t get up the nerve to go completely naked. Once I got to the beach, and it is a tiny beach, I walked out in my shorts and sat down and started to think, “Are you going to do this or what?”

The amusing thing that happened was that I was sitting by this guy and we began talking (he was naked) and I felt uneasy and got up and walk down the shore to get away from him. Being somewhat in a secluded area I got my tee shirt off and shorts,only leaving on the thong. This nice couple came walking down the trail and saw me there and stopped for few minutes and told me a little in regards to the region and where to go and not to go.

Then they started down . I layed back to get some sun when all of a sudden they reappeared and ask if they could sit down next to where I was sitting. I said OK, wondering why they came back so soon. Well this began becoming better.

There they sat nude and now having a friendly conversation with me. Shortly I found they where no longer nude in front of me (they were but I just then did not notice anymore) but simply a good couple talking to a visitor. Now the bizarre thing. I got up took off my thong and was standing there totally naked in front of two strangers. I’ve never been naked in front of a women apart from my wife in my life and it all seemed perfectly natural.

Now I was nude and this couple seemed to say, “That wasn’t that bad was it,” got up and went on their marry way. The rest of the day I walked across the beach nude and was dreading the sun going down.

I will return and do this again. It only appears so natural and now I’m wondering how can I convince my wife there is nothing incorrect about being naked with like-minded people. It certainly beats clothing and the nudists you meet are tremendously reassuring.

Now I have to go and figure where I am going. Get naked or nude however don’t be a prude.

Introduced Many to Nudism

Increased a strict Catholic in a time that even the word nude or naked was never permitted, I had a hard time understanding this assumption. I discovered I loved being nude very young and frequently had fantasies of being . When old enough to sneak off alone, I experienced my first social nude day and have not looked back.

I’ve introduced numerous friends to social nudity and have never had one friend have a bad encounter being bare. There have been several friends that declared they’d never strip naked in public and I gave them lots of leeway and within just a couple of minutes they’d stripped nude and found the only negative part of the day spent nude was that they needed to put their clothes back on at the end of the day.

When I met my husband, he had been a long time nudist and we both openly appreciate being nude whenever possible. We amuse many friends and for a while we were bare with only a few close friends and then we determined to get a clothes optional party in our back yard for a mix of bare and cloth buddies. We have a pool and Jacuzzi and the yard is wholly private so this definitely made engaging lots of fun. The day of the party, we’d ideas that maybe this was a terrible idea but too late when the first of our cloth buddies arrived a little early. I was wearing a sarong and my husband a male version of a sarong. My friend Michelle had a little look of disappointment as she came in and I inquired if she was okay and Michelle giggled a little and said “I believed this was really going to be clothing optional but you are dressed”! With that, I dropped the sarong and said come in and make yourself comfortable. I offered the bedroom to change and Michelle said that wasn’t needed and comfortably undressed and said which way to the pool. Some of our guest revealed a little trepidation of stripping initially but within the first 30 minutes clothing was no longer optional as everyone was bare.

The evening was warm and we partied well into the morning. Most of our guests had departed by 1AM but two other couples only didn’t need to see the evening come to a finish. Eventually, we offered for them to stay overnight and with one last dip in the Jacuzzi, we all went to bed.

Sunday morning, up early and headed to the kitchen to brew coffee and met Karen and Rick in the hall. Both naked and headed to the Jacuzzi. When everyone was up, we ladies made breakfast and we all enjoyed a leisurely brunch in the nude on the veranda. The day passed and no one wanted the weekend to finish. We women sunbathed by the pool as well as the men appreciated football but soon joined us in the pool.

We’ve since continued our bashes with our new found nudist buddies and do meet at one other couples’ house when their teens are gone for the weekend. For those have share the standard trepidation of social nudity, I hope you will work up the courage to at least try it once and I’m sure you’ll be hooked for life. You’d be alarmed how a lot of your buddies are nudists.

Ontario, California
My first experience

26 years ago my wife and I seen the Club Med on Martinique. Our room was near the nude beach and we walked past it going to and from our room. Although we’re certified in scuba, Club Med demanded a “checkout” dive to be able to participate. We went for the check out our first full day there. I didn’t have some trouble and passed. My wife had some ear equalizing problems and had to discontinue the check out. This required her to go back the next morning. So I had the morning alone. While walking from my room to the seashore I halted at the nude beach. I believed that I would take a look. It really appeared odd to see so many people all naked! As I stood there for a minute I understood that I was the one standing out in my suit. I hesitated and was going to leave when I said to my self, “What the heck, go for .” So I took my suit off. It was strange to be standing on a public beach, NUDE! The really shocking part was that no one looked twice! So I grabbed a seat, spread out my towel and spent the morning reading.

As it came time for my wife to return, I set my suit on and went to meet her. I asked how the dive went and she said good, so we could sign up to go diving. She asked me what I did for the morning. I hesitated and somewhat obstructed, told her. I described the strangeness which dissolved into easiness as the morning passed. I described that there were all sorts of folks, young and old, fit and far from fit all relaxing on the beach. She surprised me by saying, “I believe I should try it out too.” Which is where we spent the remainder of our week when not out diving.

Since then we have been to many resorts, some with nude places and some where the resort was all nude. We attend a club near us when our schedules permit. It took some years to be comfortable telling them, but now all our close friends know how little we should pack for vacation!

Jogging nude

My first time is the same as most, I started at home once I was about fifteen years of age. I was raised in an extremely typical American subdivision in Long Island, NY. I’m the youngest of three, the summers morning was perfect for a quick jog. I followed my daily course which took me down a fire trail next to the railroad tracks. In a secluded area the craving was quite strong so I took off my shorts and tank top the cool morning air felt so wonderful against my skin; I believed it helped me run faster. I became very comfortable with myself in a short span of time. Running nude down a wooded dirt road was enjoyable and very intoxicating. Unfortunately the trail was coming to an end I began to see buildings and cars.

We continue releasing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young nudist girls who make it to the nude beach for the first time

My short moment of being nude had come to a finish.
as soon as I got back to my house everybody else had left for work so I stripped down and remained nude for the rest of the day. Since then anytime I can get to a nude beach or a nudist camp, I go when I can, but nothing will fit those first moments back that summer so long past.

My First Nudist Experience

About 15 years back I learned the location of the sole local nude beach. It wasn’t easy to get reliable info and I ‘d gone on more than one wild goose chase. I told my wife I was going to check it out when I got a great opportunity. Not long after I finished work before rush hour and set out to find the seashore. I managed to find parking but knew I ‘d have to walk a good half mile. Crossing a few suburban company parking lots I came to a railroad crossing. I followed the tracks as click was told I should do but I wasn’t alone. Other people were headed the same way taking towels and or totes appropriate for time at the beach. I followed a small group of people when an opening using a trail into the woods veered away from the trails. By this time I discovered there was two-way traffic. All this suggested to me a well-known and frequented destination was nearing. A few more minutes and I began hearing sounds of activity, numerous voices etc. I really could see ahead a widening of the trail and as I approached it I saw to my acceptance and with some surprise a lot of nude and close nude people. They were somewhat packed onto a small gravelly shore in the southeastern edge of a long narrow lake. On the lake there was an equally large number of nude people floating on air mattresses many linked together by holding hands or only with a hand on an adjoining air mattress. Meanwhile several individuals waded and swam nude. I was starting to feel overdressed and didn’t desire to be perceived as a gawker and in a way of less than a minute I was nude. The feeling was absolutely liberating. In spite of being alone I didn’t feel conspicuous or out of place. I found a small patch of shore and laid out my towel. I took a bit of time to just find and take everything in but shortly got up and waded into the water. I understood I had discovered an action I’d repeat.
On my way home I thought it might be disappointing attempting to continue visiting the seashore as I knew my wife wouldn’t be interested. Arriving house my wife and her sister were relaxing after work and getting dinner began. Shortly she asked me if I located it and I told her yes. She then asked if I took my clothes off. I told her I did and I loved it. Her response was “You’re weird”. Boy I ‘d an uphill battle ahead.
Well times have changed and we’ve been members of a landed club for several years and she is also a nudist but that’s another story.

-Jim W.
Blaine, Minnesota

I for one hate to sunbathe, prefer reading, board games, spinning, weaving, actual hiking, dancing, crocheting, swimming (not floating

, which is only sunbathing on the water.) I prefer doing in the shade. We’ve got several wild and mostly private acres, and have strategies to come up with hiking trails through some of it. We will subsequently need to cope with and armed pot growers using the trails. No where’s perfect! I’m mostly naked in the house when it’s warm enough. Lately, I have started being naked when particular select friends are here. I discovered I was uncomfortable being bare when the others were clothed, but I persevered and it got better. I presume perhaps that clothing optional is not simpler than universal nudity for me. Really though, I just prefer doing anything in nature rather than ‘civilized’ when bare. Except for the thorns.

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Has anyone here ever gotten so used to being nude at home that they forget when they’re elsewhere? This just happened to me last weekend, we were working at a rendezvous (not a nudist venue) as well as a huge wind blew up during . I sat up in bed and started to crawl out of our tarp shelter to ensure everything in camp was buttoned down tight, and realized I was going to go out entirely nude with other people all around me. Afterward I really thought to myself, “this wind feels so great, do I risk it?” The reply was, obviously, “No!” but the point is, I really forgot about being naked in the very first place. Anybody here done ?

Introduction to Nudism

I was helping set up security for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta. I was at the Hard Rock Cafe in Atlanta talking with a couple. Told them I needed to get away for the weekend. They gave me a number and name to call of a fine resort close by that had a pool, hot tub and very friendly people. As they left they told me it was a nudist resort.

I thought about it and decided to attempt it and went that weekend. Adored the encounter and also the folks I met. They made me feel so welcome and everything appeared so natural. When my daughter came down to work security with me I told here where I had gone and she wanted to go with me. We went the following weekend and spent two days there. We were solicited and even though we could go to the opening Olympic ceremony free, we saw it on a TV in the motor home of a family who were teachers from California while relaxing at Hidden Valley nudist resort in Georgia.

We went there another time before we had to leave Georgia. When we got up to the New England area we seen some local nudist resorts and felt at home. My wife and I now live in a nudist resort in Florida, and my daughter sees each year to live the nudist lifestyle.

-Don W.
Hudson, Florida
First Time

June 1st, 2009. I made my way to Mira Vista Resort in Tucson, signed in, took my clothes off and wandered about the Resort. I introduced myself and admitted this was my first (public) experience as a nudist. Nancy said “Show me your tush!” I turned around and was pronounced a “cotton tail.” What a delightful and gracious opening and welcome to the nudist community!

Sierra Vista, Arizona
My Biggest Rue

Being naked has ever been really natural to me, I can remember when I was maybe 4 or 5 merely needing to be nude. Nothing has changed 40 years after, it only feels “normal” to me.

I did my homework online and also read as much as I could around going to a nudist resort, oh boy, was I excited! The day I set out to go was beautiful and I was prepared to get nude. It was about a 2 hour drive and of course all I was thinking about was getting there and jumping in the pool naked. YIPEEE! But as I got close my belly was becoming more upset from my nerves. I starting thinking about turning around and heading home but only kept driving. I truly needed to feel the sun on my naked body and go swimming nude, after all it was a lovely day.

As I pulled up to the gate I really thought I was going to throw up and at that point I really had to talk myself into going forward. When the staff replied the buzzer and told me to arrive at the office to get checked in I just kept telling myself it was really going to be awesome even though I was so nervous.

After checking in and heading to my truck I could not believe it. I was looking at nude people upward by the pool and I was going to be one of them! I stood by my truck appearing occupied for about 10 minutes without taking anything away and finally I realized it was time to take ALL my clothing away and be free. As I wrapped my towel around my neck and made sure it covered me somewhat I shut the door of my truck and headed to the pool one slow step at a time. I was getting more confident with every step.

I had to take a shower before getting into the pool and it turned out to be a FAST one. The showers are about 10 feet from the pool and I wager I made it in about 2 steps after I shut the shower off. I spent the rest of the day in the pool floating about and LOVING every second of it. It was not my first time being nude in a pool but it was my first time being with other people naked and I am certain it showed that it was my first time but by the time I had left that day I felt like I ‘d known some of the people for a long time.

The reason this trip was such a huge deal for me was because I actually don’t have the “regular” body. I’m a big man, need to shed weight and had feared I might be laughed at or folks would stare, but after going there now for more then 8 years (only a couple times a year) I recognized that NOBODY cares! Its not that they don’t care about me, its just that nobody cares what your body looks like. I waited for so long to really go to a nudist resort because I didn’t have the “perfect”body. I’m yet to see the “perfect” body but I have meet a number of the best people I will ever meet in my life. When you are naked with other people it is as real as it gets and I’ve found that nudists are as nice as folks come.

So this is why I labeled this “My Biggest Rue” because I repent that I waited so long to get out and be naked with other like-minded folks. If the thought has ever crossed your mind, simply go get nude. You wont regret it.

Beach Day

Since I was a teen I had always learned about nudist beaches and camps, but I never understood where to find them. This was before the Internet age. In the mid ’90s I ‘d access to the Internet and chat rooms. I met a girl on the chat site who told me about seeing nudism photos . I asked about how I really could locate one in my state. She told me about a website where I could envision a guide book which describes the locations of swimming holes and shores.

After buying this I read about a beach at Martha’s Vineyard. Some time later I finally had an opportunity to get out there with my at the time girlfriend. Eventually I located the beach I was searching for after the ferry ride and bus ride on the other side of the isle. I remember how natural everyone appeared and how I was excited to join in the fun. The blanket was hardly on the ground when my clothes came off. I appreciated the liberating feeling of the wind on my body and having the ability to jump in the ocean naturally. My girlfriend eventually got comfy too.

I felt like I was on a level playing field with everyone else. Since then I have been visiting nudist campgrounds and coming to the Vineyard as much as possible. I have despised wearing bathing suits ever since. .
Milford, Massachusetts
My Nudist History

The following is a history of my nudist encounter with some thoughts for those investigating nudism as a lifestyle option:

“Nudist” A New Word

I grew up in Marin County north of San Francisco and am currently a professional working in San Francisco. When I was younger I could never have imagined I ‘d ever describe myself as a nudist. I recall the very first time I heard the term nudist. I was under ten years old and my buddy Randy told me, true or not, about a woman who was stopped on the Golden Gate Bridge driving on her way to a “nudist colony.”

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The entire thing shocked me to the point that I still remember where I was when he told me. I couldn’t imagine why grown folks would desire to be nude, especially in a area called a nudist colony. It definitely was something I ‘d never be involved in.

First Time Naked Outdoors

I recall, some years after, about age 12, sleeping over at Randy’s house in his backyard in sleeping bags and on a mutual challenge we each walked, one at a time, naked up his long moonlit driveway. He became more daring and even rode his bike up the drive nude. This was just boys experimenting and playing and we understood that we did not want to be found so there was an element of risk and fear of being found that overshadowed everything.

Personal Nudity, My Own Skin

Within a couple of years I discovered that slipping my pajamas off after going to bed and sleeping nude felt wonderful. It felt free and I adored the feeling of the bed sheets on my bare skin I soon began removing my clothes when my parents were outside so that I could walk around the house nude, hurrying to put my clothes back on when I heard the garage door go up on their return. Again this felt wonderful but by necessity stayed my secret. Soon, on some evenings, I was able to sneak out my bedroom window at the center of the night and enjoy the nighttime air nude. lived in a built up neighborhood on a hill with open space supporting the house. At first I would roam the grassy hillside in back of the home feeling the cool breezes on my skin. I especially enjoyed rainy nighttime. The noise of the storm made me feel more safe about not being found going out the window and I adored the feeling of rain on my bare skin. Afterwards I would walk through the neighborhood, clothed, up to a dead end street with a more open hillside where I could throw off my clothes and walk bare in a larger area. I knew the terrain very well and one night I was especially bold and did a large loop walking with that location for over half a mile in a circle onto paved roads (but where houses weren’t built right on the road) on the other side of the hill and back to my clothing that I’d left behind. I can’t believe I did this or that, as a teen, I didn’t get found.

San Francisco, California

I can not resist discussing this story.

I was on a naked sailing cruise in the British Virgin Islands 6-7 years past and we were anchored in White Bay. It was after dinner, we had had a bottle of wine or four, and determined we wanted to visit the pub ashore for a drink – but of course we didn’t need to get dressed. Somehow didn’t see this as a issue. Into the dighy we climbed, motored away to the bar (not the Soggy Dollar, the other one) and in we walked. There were just half a dozen people there, but not surprisingly our entrance was detected. One young man let out a whoop when we walked in, and he quickly got naked (though his girlfriend made him get dressed again – I’ve often thought that I expected he dropped her). We sat down at one of the tables, continuing our dialogue, and in a moment the waitress came along. She was very flustered, garbled a couple of incoherent monosylables, and then left, having forgotten to take our drink orders.

We spent nearly in the bar and had a grand time. Eventually most of the other patrons left, the bartender got naked, and yet the waitress took off her top. She and our hostess subsequently compared breast jobs and discovered they had had the same plastic surgeon in Atlanta. It was definitely a memorable night!

However, have yet to figure out is how – or whether – we paid for our drinks. We went without clothing, so without pockets, therefore without wallets, so without money. So I reckon the best part of the evening was that it was not only clothes-free, it was also drinks-for free.

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