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Felicity’s Naturist Blog:
Naturist Blog – Hi! Are you new here? Welcome to Felicitys Blog – my nudist blog! I’m Felicity Jones (my pen name), I’m 24 and I heart naturism/ nudism.
I started this nudist site in 2010 when I co-founded Nudist Portal, an organization and growing community of young naturists. On this site I aim to boost the naturist lifestyle and discuss news, events, controversial issues, naturist club / resort reviews, the enticing narratives of my naturist youth, and more!
Naturism often brings people closer to nature, but there won’t be anything left of it if we do not begin taking care of the planet!
Anyway, I consider naturism and naturism to be Before I begin writing anything else and before I , but because naturism can have a negative connotation, I would rather call myself a naturist, or better yet, a nudie. Come to one of our events, and you’ll see what I am talking about.
Felicity Jones
Felicity’s Nudist Naturist Site by Felicity Jones
I have been an activist for topfreedom and have already been involved with a number of nude artwork performances in NYC. One of them resulted in my arrest on Wall Street. I like these performances because they challenge the way in which Well, I think I was 14 or 15…. think about nudity.
Here is a link to my first opening website, to learn more about me. I ‘m always thinking about your thoughts, so do remark when you’ve something to say! Thanks for visiting.
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My lovely wife and I and 6 other couples that are good friends have been going to the

It’s not charged as clothes optional but it’s… click is as accepted as it’s anticipated. The bunch this year will probably be about 50,000 people and during the day around young nudist pics will be nude and around 60% will be at least partially naked. The percentage of naked people is higher in the early mornings before people get in their costumes. Nude people are fully accepted and, actually, not even noticed considerably because the costumes that so a lot of people wear are so creative and outstanding as is the giant artwork and fire-art which is what the event is really all about.

The occasion isn’t for everyone. You camp in an extremely unpleasant desert for a week and everything you need to eat, drink and stay healthy and comfortable has to be brought in by you…nothing except ice and coffee is for sale on the desert.

The folks in our group bring some amazing costumes, as do most attendees, but we also go around nude when we are just seeing the graphics. Burningman is probably THE greatest mix of clothed and naked people on the planet during the week it runs. (From 1 week before Labor Day to Labor Day.)

We continue publishing stories shared by our female subscribers – young nudist girls
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We can honestly say that we’ve never had, seen or even heard of any negative comments or reactions to the nudity from the textiles at the event.

My Story

I was not raised in a nudist family but I would go skinny dipping as a kid growing up on a farm. as soon as I returned from the Gulf War I decided life was too short not to try something I was always interested in. So when I discovered about a nude beach near where I was stationed I went. I had a great time; it was a very liberating experience.

I continued going and made friends. Over time I joined a club and then began going to nude resorts. I found the people there were so open and fair and nonjudgmental. I found that there were so many others just like me there and no one was there to have a look at others, only for the pure fun and joy of relaxing without clothes. I know that may sound hard to believe but that’s the facts. We made great friends and my family became members to that club and even now we maintain our membership at a closeby club.

I simply wish the public could see that we’re normal, regular people who only chance to enjoy relaxing without clothing on our time off. My grown daughter has lots of self confidence about herself and part of the reason is that she understands what real women look like and does not feel insecure about herself. That’s a direct result of her being raised in a nudist household. I think that if more people tried it they’d see what I am talking about.

Having experienced public nudity on occasion before, I’m no stranger to that feeling of once experienced, never going back. Nonetheless, I began discovering stories about trekking naked out west and in the Alps, first in http://nudism-life.com , then elsewhere, seven years back.

What a simple, logical notion that couldn’t possibly fly on the east shore, or so I thought. I had to attempt it (bucket list if you will). Like skinny dipping in the wind instead of in the water. So I headed to Vermont where I could find suitably distant terrain and legality. Well all I can say is that the experience was transforming, like that of discovering the freedom liberalization and peace of nudity for the first time, all over again.

Since that fateful instant, I’ve hiked, backpacked, and camped hundreds of miles on the distant trails of the northeast, in all kinds of weather. I’ve gone for as long as a week without putting on clothes in the outback during the summer. I’ve trekked naked for hours at a time in the snow. I one day hiked in the nude legitimately and without troubling anyone, in a city (Toronto…CO seashore and immediate environment off season in November).

Being in the nude in the wilderness is a life affirming outdoor activity which has few competitors in my modest opinion. It sharpens your senses as well as your knowledge of your natural environment and those creatures that share this small section of the universe with us. Additionally you shortly realize how fantastically adept our bodies are, as delivered by our Creator, at accommodating the challenges of our surroundings. Sweat direction is a breeze. Creatures of the forest come closer and take your existence more easily. I once had a moose cross my path, and pause, not more than three arms lengths in front of me. Finally I spoke up and apologized to Mr Moose for startling him, exactly the same greeting that I normally use in my infrequent encounters with textiles. With that he took one closing unconcerned look at me and ambled off, crashing through the underbrush.


Long distance hikers are accepting, even encouraging, of my taste. I choose my times and places, in order to avoid having to clarify the many delights of hiking in the buff to anxious parents with kids in tow. Section of the ethic of this type of outdoor recreation is recognition and respect for the feelings of others less comfortable with the notion. I go out of my way to avoid “clothed confrontations”. Alas, life isn’t perfect and those occasional “sightings” by unsuspecting others, of my unadorned body have been agreeable and positive occasions. After seen, I don’t cover up(sends wrong message) Freehiking can be a societal or a solo action. It suits my lifestyle and work schedule as it can be tucked into my days off, spontaneously as time permits, most any time of the year.

Nudism supports creativity. Freehiking is worth adding to your bucket list. – Dan

Randolph, Massachusetts
First Time

It was concealed. I got my clothes off and took a walk. It turned out to be a marvelous experience.

Canton, Ohio
First-Time Nudist

My first social-nudist experience was at a clothing-optional hot tub in Quad Cities, Iowa. Before arriving I knew that the bath would be Clothes Optional, but I presumed that meant that a number of the folks would choose the option of being bare and some would choose the option of wearing a bathing suit. I would choose to do the latter, although I had not a problem seeing my friends nude.

When I was brought to the tub, I saw that EACH ONE of the people in the bath was naked. I will try it once.”

I spent the next 17 years visiting every nudist resort and nude beach that I could squeeze into my small holiday time.

Eventually, in 1999 I retired and I’ve resided for the previous 10 years at a clothing-optional resort in AZ (SLR). The host of the hot tub celebration that started all this, moved here three years back from Iowa.

-Judy Mac
New River, Arizona
My First Time

I was a teen boy in the mid-60’s and I simply got out of the shower. So I went in the room where she was and sat down right across from her. She asked me why I wasn’t dressed and I told her I was more comfortable not wearing clothes. She said that was okay with her if I wanted to be a nudist.

I then went in the back yard and sun bathed naked. I have been a nudist all these years but my wife does not comprehend it. I go nude in my house as frequently as possible, even when her friends visit.

St. Louis, Missouri

To make a long story as short as possible, I started out sleeping in the nude as an adolescent,

and I would also occasionally go skinny dipping.
My first real encounter of organized social nudity was at the Swanbourne Beach near Perth, Western Austalia. This was in April, which is in the early autumn in the Southern Hemisphere. I remember the weather being absolutely sunny and lovely and the water of the Indian Ocean being warm and crystal clear.
After Australia, I headed to Japan, where one of my school buddies was employed as an English to Japanese translator. Some of his coworkers and I did a night out on town, which included a visit to an onsen, which is a geothermal hot spring. Based on http://x-pot.com , both genders bathe fully bare in an onsen. I discovered lying about in the hot water of an onsen to be among the most relaxing experiences ever.
It is only lately that I’ve really been able to organize my free time so that I can get away more on the weekends. Nevertheless, I am having the time of my life now that I’m capable to take part in clothes free actions on a regular basis.
Take care and remain bare.

Hi, I haven’t yet had the nudist experience which I would call my first time coming out to the world and saying hi

I have a fairly conservative breeding however my parents view is basically it is ok for individuals to see you nude, you shouldn’t be ashamedof your body, but you need to be clothed pretty much all the time, besides changing, showering etc.
I think the strategy was to swim in underwear but two of the girls said they were not keen because they didn’t have bras on, because of the dresses they were wearing, My male mate said, ive got my boxers but am going in naked cause this is precisely what im slepping in. A good explanation! and then my other mate said yeah im just going in in the nud, but you. One of my male friends got in (naked), the one of the girls suprisingly stripped down and dived in (she has a really comfortable character). I having swimmed naked in my very own pool did not feel to uncumfortable and dived in. Among the girls thought it was kind of funny and got her bra off and jumped in (leaving her bottom panties on), followed by the other man (naked) and the past girl (in her panties). It was amazing, there was lots of laughter at first and a bit of covering up,but soon everybody became more relaxed and we just spoke generally and swum around for hours. Although I guess it was alcohol that played a part in folks being so assured to just dive in, including me, it turned out to be a great opportunity and alibi to do it. http://crazypublic.com think that once you’ve gotten nude it’s to escalate to sex.
My father seemed out of no where and was pleased to see me in the spa and then detected my knickers realising that I ‘d just jumped in. He having been also working believed it was a great idea as well as got in, covering himself on the way in, and hiding under the bubbles. I was really pleased that he’d done this, it seems that folks are willing to go bare in some scenarios such as spaaing but not in the backyard, round the home, at the seashore etc which is a pity. I am hoping to find another reason to go naked and encourage men and women in my family to go nude.

My feelings haven’t changed much since:

I still favor if nudity is shared by all individuals present.

We continue publishing stories shared by our subscribers that are female – young naturist girls
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I am more open minded, nevertheless, about textiles accompanying their nudist pal or S/O; if they are cool with me, I’m cool with them.

Both scenarios I presented, http://youngnudest.com realize, were a bit exceptional. In the first, we were a group of bare people who had just spent the whole week-end totally bare; and here walks in a completely dressed woman! Which sort of broke up the nude vibe we were all enjoying.
The next scenario was truly a “chickening out” situation. My friend, or so she said, intended to join me but completely froze up (self-consciousness kicked in). She’d no rational explanation for it; but I believe it’s to do with the entire “easier to be bare among strangers than with a friend/relative” thing. Her daughter came in the picture merely a while after, asking why we weren’t nude; her mother explained that she’d chickened out. Which caused her to additionally chicken out as well as return with a bathing suit on!

In those scenarios, it didn’t irritate me because those were individuals who typically went nude, just not in that particular situation. One was on a chilly morning in the resort; sarongs and T shirts everywhere except me. The way I looked at it: “I didn’t just drive 90 miles to keep my clothes on! No way!” Another time, I was over at a friend’s house and he encouraged me to make myself comfortable. Why was that different from my second scenario? My nudity didn’t change http://voyzone.com as it had my friend. No worries; no intrusion? Then no issue.