Being relativly new to the universe of nudism I have hardly any nudist experiances so mine would

probarly be my first nude experiance, although more recently I met a girls at a shore who told me her first naked experiance she was 17 years old and holidaying with family in the united states, her parents had gone sight seeing for the day and she chose to have a look at a few of the neighborhood beaches. after some time of searching she found a lovely tranquil little cove where there was know one else around and as the day had started out bad weather wise she’d not packed her bathing suit but as the day had brightened up she believed that she was not able to pass up the concept of a quick swim and as the beach was desserted she didnt think anything of stripping off and taking A dip anyhow after some time of swimming she started to get chilly and so swam to a small rocky island about 50 yards out. after warming on the island she began to make back toward the beach after reaching the beach she made the shocking discovery that while she had been sunbathing on had come in and all of her clothing trainers and all had been taken by the ocean. she was stranded no clothes no towel and what made matters worse was that she’d walked to the beach so she had no automobile, there was only one thing to do she’d need to walk back through a active resedential estate in broad daylight stark naked, so she did it. she explained that she should have seen over 60 folks over that to mile walk back to her apartment an it was the most exhilerating experiance of her life. now thats bowels !

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  1. hola sandra saludos desde valencia , somos unapareja que nos encnataria conocerte a ti y a tu marido-novio, un saludo , espramos tu respuesta

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