Hi, I haven’t yet had the nudist experience which I would call my first time coming out to the world and saying hi

I have a fairly conservative breeding however my parents view is basically it is ok for individuals to see you nude, you shouldn’t be ashamedof your body, but you need to be clothed pretty much all the time, besides changing, showering etc.
I think the strategy was to swim in underwear but two of the girls said they were not keen because they didn’t have bras on, because of the dresses they were wearing, My male mate said, ive got my boxers but am going in naked cause this is precisely what im slepping in. A good explanation! and then my other mate said yeah im just going in in the nud, but you. One of my male friends got in (naked), the one of the girls suprisingly stripped down and dived in (she has a really comfortable character). I having swimmed naked in my very own pool did not feel to uncumfortable and dived in. Among the girls thought it was kind of funny and got her bra off and jumped in (leaving her bottom panties on), followed by the other man (naked) and the past girl (in her panties). It was amazing, there was lots of laughter at first and a bit of covering up,but soon everybody became more relaxed and we just spoke generally and swum around for hours. Although I guess it was alcohol that played a part in folks being so assured to just dive in, including me, it turned out to be a great opportunity and alibi to do it. http://crazypublic.com think that once you’ve gotten nude it’s to escalate to sex.
My father seemed out of no where and was pleased to see me in the spa and then detected my knickers realising that I ‘d just jumped in. He having been also working believed it was a great idea as well as got in, covering himself on the way in, and hiding under the bubbles. I was really pleased that he’d done this, it seems that folks are willing to go bare in some scenarios such as spaaing but not in the backyard, round the home, at the seashore etc which is a pity. I am hoping to find another reason to go naked and encourage men and women in my family to go nude.


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