I was not actually going to sign up and type about “my first time”

, but i noticed there are a few of you who are still undecided about going out in public.
First of all i really must recommend it. It’s possible the most relaxing and pleasant feeling on the planet. Everything everyone has typed about this is so very true.
I reside in an exceedingly cold country where being outdoors in the nude is not as comfortable as I’d prefer it to be, yet the first time i ever went outside in the nude was about a 5 minute walk from my parents home. I’d have been about 15-16 years old at the time (I am 22 now) and it was very much an intentional thing. My family aren’t nudists, nor does anyone else I know do that (that I am aware of). I just always recall feeling great when I walked about nude in my bedroom of after a shower. I appreciated how great it felt to possess the atmosphere around me encompass every bit of my body. So, this one day i went along the street, it was pretty overcast and it looked like it was going to rain so I knew there wasn’t likely to be anyone going about. By the time i got there it was pouring with rain, but I knew I wasn’t going to back out of that. No chance. Since the place was rural i didn’t have much reluctance taking my clothes off, I ‘d time to think it over before I went and by the time i got there i bodies providing nobody was there then I’d be cool with it.
From that day on I ‘d spend some time at home in the nude, but nowhere else. I did it in private and nobody ever knew about it. Last September i jetted off to Australia. I’d heard that there was a local nudist beach nearby (less than 30 minute car journey) and I always liked to go and check it out. I didn’t need my family in Oz to know about it, so I let it be until such time as to which I could go.

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Several months went by and I went to a public clothes just beach along the road on a fine summers day. It was the very first time I had really taken my shirt off on a busy beach, I’d always been self concious of my body even though I am not that big a person. I then went into the water with my short pants on. But not long before I got in I pulled my trunks down as I was interested to see what it felt like with what felt like nothing ont. It was fantastic! I stood in the deep water with my trunks down and my shirt away, it was as if I was nude. I knew nobody could see me, so I thought it’d be okay. With this time it was the turn of the new year. I had a car, and I could just go wherever I wanted and when I desired. So my thoughts went back to that nudist beach nearby. I woke up one morning around 6am just as the sun was beginning to rise. I jumped into my car and drove to the beach. There were folks there already which I ‘d hoped there would not be. It was the very first time I had actually seen as many nude people before, so it turned out to be a funny moment. I walked to the end of the shore which was most deserted and sat on my towel for around 15 minutes believing that I was not going to leave without doing this. I simply knew I had to do it at least once. The sun was out and it was hot, so I got my top off and put on some sun cream. The longer i stood there the more people arrived, so I needed to do something soon. So, I only pulled down my shorts and i was fully exposed. Then I formed a run into the water which initially was extremely cold, but how great it was to be in the water knowing that http://antinude.com cared if I was naked or not.
I stayed in the water for up to around 2 hours. Folks were laying down next to my towel and clothes and i began to feel a little uncommon knowing that when I leave individuals are going to see me. I just taken it and eventually went back to my towel and sat for a bit before leaving. I went back the next day and did it all again, this time I really had no ease in undressing. I simply felt good, so I took my clothes off as soon as I got to the shore and walked along in the nude. As the day passed I slowly moved closer to the bigger groups of people and sat amongst them. It’s without doubt the most natural I ‘ve ever felt. And it is an experience everyone should try at least once, it makes you question the function of clothing. Allowed when it’s chilly, you must wear clothing but I see no other motive to wear them other than that. Yesterday morning i walked along the road to where i first did my outdoor nudism and once again stripped off. I walked an excellent half mile along that private road (link subjects to fields) and it got me thinking about nudism. I sit here at home and I am http://picsnudism.net because nobody is here, it is just great. I hope to stick around here for a bit if nobody minds.



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