It’s heartening to understand that many experienced nudists here were as nervous as I was.

I was surprised to learn that many nudists are equally as nervous as non-nudists would be in a bare scenario. Perhaps what makes you a nudist is the fact that the urge to be naked is more powerful in relation to the initial humiliation of being nude.

My first courageous act was to strip off on a seashore. There are not any nude beaches close to me but I discovered a little cove where people seldom go and tried stripping off there. It turned out to be a wonderful feeling, but I was always worried about being found. Although a little later I did meet another folks who went naked there.

The next brave thing I did was to take some photographs of myself and reveal a few buddies.

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Not in a sleazy way mind you, I only needed to discover if appeared okay in the nude. I was once offered a job modelling for an artwork group but I did not overly that. The notion of being bare in a room full of people was too nerve racking.

After needing to for a long time, I eventually found the nerve to really go to a real nude beach. It took some finding and I was extremely nervous by the time I got there. This was on new years day so there were lots of people there. But my hearts went away after seeing all the folks there being bare and thinking nothing of it. I was still clothed when I walked onto the shore and intended to find a spot before undressing. But it looked so relaxed, that I took my shirt off before I even settled down. as soon as I located a spot to put my towel, I took the remainder of my clothing away and I was surprised how fast I got used to it. After acclimatizing, I got up and went for a walk, completely bare for everybody to see and it was no big deal whatsoever because everyone was the same. In fact, I felt far more comfortable being nude there that I would feel only taking my shirt off on a standard seashore.

I reckon the most recent brave thing I did was to upload my nude avatar here. As mentioned, I’ve revealed pictures to a few pals, but this is the first time I’ve posted one for all the world to see. I actually don’t believe I’ll leave it up very long so love (if that’s the word) it while you can. I actually don’t believe I’ll be using the photo albums feature though – I am not that courageous.



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